Aminur Chowdhury, a Muslim man from Bradford, became the victim of a hate crime when he was racially abused by a homeless man called Ben Gallon last week.
How did he react? Did he hurl insults back? No. Did he get aggressive? No. In fact, he invited the man for a drink and a chat.
“Initially I turned the other cheek,” Chowdhury said. “But then I was challenging Ben about what he had said to me, I stopped and had a chat with him for about 15 minutes.”
After their conversation, Chowdhury said he’d help Ben find a job and the pair agreed to keep in touch. Ben assumed that the offer was just made out of politeness. However, he received a phone call the next day with the offer of a job interview at Chowdhury’s mate’s business.
“The next day he gave me a call,” Ben explained. “He said: ‘Can I come and …