Nine siblings did more than reunite for the first time in 50 years during their visit to Branson. They also donated money to help feed over 500 people in Taney County.
The brothers and sisters — Judy Darbyshire, Melanie Nishita, Barbara Massey, and Wesley, Don Jr., John, Ron, Berney and Jeff Husted — wanted to honor their mother who passed away 14 years ago from colon cancer.
When deciding what to do, Darbyshire said she and her siblings chose to lose weight together, and even their kids and grandkids joined in. To take it another step, the siblings decided for every pound lost cumulatively, they would donate $10 to a charity.
They wanted to donate the money to a food pantry, and they chose Christian Action Ministries (CAM) in Branson because this is where they are vacationing, Elizabeth Hughes, executive director for CAM, said.
The siblings, who were born in various places around the …