The House Committee on Appropriations voted to grant terminally ill UK infant Charlie Gard American residency, bringing the case one step closer to upending one of the most controversial debates over medical ethics in the UK.
Two weeks ago, it looked like the Charlie Gard case was nearly over. Chris Gard and Constance Yates, Gard’s parents, lost their appeal at the European Court of Human Rights to take their son to the US to receive experimental treatment. It looked as if the recommendation of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) to take Gard off a ventilator and provide palliative care would be carried out, on the grounds that keeping Gard alive and in pain would cause him undue suffering. The parents were given the weekend to say goodbye to their son.
But after a public media outcry that has included both Pope Francis and President Trump, the final decision to take …