After seven years of excavations in dangerous conditions near Turkey’s border with Syria, a team of archaeologists discovered an unexpected find — a 4,000-year-old pot decorated with the world’s first known smiley face.
The team, led by Nicolo Marchetti, an archeology professor at the University of Bologna in Italy, uncovered a variety of Hittite-era objects in Turkey’s Gaziantep province’s Karkam?? (Karkemish) district.
“We have found a variety of cubes and urns. The most interesting of them is a pot dating back to 1700 BCE that features an image of a ‘smile’ on it,” Marchetti told Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency.
The smiley face was found by restorers, who reassembled the white, large-bellied pot with a small handle.
“The pot was used for drinking sherbet [sweet drink]. Most probably, [this depicts] the oldest smile of the world,” Marchetti said.
The Hittites are recorded in the Book of Genesis as one of the …