Sept. 9 – To the Editor: 
I have great news for all you “greenies” out there.
No doubt a great many of you have been carrying on about the mysterious malady that seems to be wiping out honeybees all over the place. And, indeed, I myself have been concerned upon noticing that they’ve been kind of light on the ground for the last couple of years.
Unlike you, however, I don’t go around like Chicken Little crying about imminent ecological collapse. Mother Nature has things well in hand. If the balance is upset, she moves in to restore it: wipe out the eastern cougar, timber wolf? The wildcats undergo a population explosion and the coyote expands his range and before you know it, the vacuum’s been filed. The balance restored.
It’s the same thing here. If you hadn’t been so busy carrying on and prophesying doom, you would’ve noticed that the slack’s been already …