BOSTON (CBS) – A new vaccine is giving hope to patients with one of the most dangerous cancers.
“I’m so lucky. I feel very lucky.”
It’s hard to believe how Margaret Kruse, a mother of four, could possibly feel lucky when last fall doctors gave her the diagnosis of brain cancer, glioblastoma. It’s aggressive and usually fatal within months.
“The prognosis is not good,’ says Mike Farkas, Margaret’s fiancé. “So we were looking for some hope, and the vaccine is that hope.”
That vaccine is why Margaret feels so lucky. She is 1 of 15 people currently enrolled in phase two of a clinical trial testing whether the medication can eliminate her cancer.
“I think this is the most promising of the leads that we’ve had over the years,” says Dr. Robert Fenstermaker, a neurosurgeon at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.
The vaccine called SurVaxM is considered a “next generation” treatment for brain cancer, designed to stimulate …