The category is: “North Meets South.”
And here’s the answer: The Canadian high school teacher and the middle school teacher from South Carolina who met as fellow contestants on “Jeopardy” and went on to be married.
Ms. Lewell, now 41, and Mr. Townes, 37, came buzzing into each other’s lives in October 2013, among those gathering before Alex Trebek to compete in the game show’s annual Teachers Tournament.
Each had scored very well in an online test for potential “Jeopardy” contestants and was contacted for auditions, hers in New York, his in Nashville.
Casting producers liked them enough to invite both to the show, which was filmed in Culver City, Calif. They began chatting, along with 13 other contestants, while waiting nervously in the green room for their 22 minutes of fame.
Mr. Townes soon found out that Ms. Lewell was single and taught history and social studies at Saint John High School in Saint …