Under little police protection our police in Friedberg, led a goose family to safety this morning – after it had run down on a heavily driven road. Thus, the seven family members were able to continue their “holiday” trip after a really short danger.
Shortly after 9 o’clock in the morning, people reported a feathered family who had just arrived at the Burgberg in Friedberg to the police.
Mom and Papas five children had not chosen an extreme safe place for their trip. Straight on the road of the busy Gießenerstrasse on Kreisstadt – there ran this Egyptian goose family.
Not only did the drivers considering this route as much too dangerous, but also the called and in place, police team saw it in a same way.
(No Commercial Use – Credit: Police in Friedberg in Hessen “Photo from the Incident”.) In short: they blocked the road for all vehicle traffic and brought the …