MILWAUKEE – A Wisconsin man suffered for years from a debilitating condition that left him disfigured. He initially lost a battle with insurance, and desperately needed funds for a transformative procedure.
Keith Crowell has been on a quest to fix his face. It wouldn’t have been possible without the community and his faith.
“Pray until something happens,” is Crowell’s mantra.
Thanks to the generosity of strangers, Crowell was able to make two trips to New York where a surgeon removed the keloid masses.
His prayers came to fruition after a story about his struggle aired on television. After he was nicked by a barber nearly 13 years ago, he was left with a life-altering condition that became debilitating. The cuts never healed, and instead grew, and at one point, caused nearly 40 pounds of flesh to hang from his face.
“It’s been a real journey,” Crowell said.
After he was initially denied by his insurance company, …