They got married in 1973, the same year their son, Shane, was born. Steve joined the Air Force, and he and his wife and son moved to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, where daughter Julie was born in 1974.
Around that same time, Steve got into a car accident, sustained a head injury and was hospitalized for about a year. By the time he was released from the military hospital, he had lost track of his ex-wife, his daughter and son.
Steve held a series of jobs, got remarried and had three sons, Josh, Will and Kenny. Steve and his second wife eventually divorced. The side-effects from the medication he took for his epilepsy eventually rendered him 100 percent disabled, and now he is basically retired.
“I really had a wonderful childhood and a really good time, and I grew up in a safe, warm house,” she said. “I grew up …