The fire chief of Bakersfield, Calif., is stepping up personally to report on the improved condition of a patient that firefighters rescued from a burning home and brought back to life using an oxygen mask: Jack, a white-haired pooch.
In a video posted to the Bakersfield Fire Department’s website, firefighter Matt Smith is shown carrying the nearly lifeless Shih Tzu from a burning house on Wednesday. 
Using a pet oxygen mask supplied by the Girl Scouts, Smith and his partners slowly bring Jack back to life.
By the end of the video, Jack is sitting up, alert and looking around, though panting heavily. He was then reunited with his worried owners, a married couple who were unharmed by the fire.
Fire chief Douglas Greener says on Facebook that Jack suffered some respiratory tract injuries and burns to his feet, but is doing well under a vet’s care. He has also gotten a visit at the vet …