Sailing gently along the Thames under tranquil skies, Dunkirk veteran Ted Oates relaxes on deck.
It is a far cry from the first time he found himself on one of these Little Ships escaping from the fearsome German war machine.
Nazi planes overhead raining down death, cold Channel surf to his waist, and feelings he usually prefers to keep at bay. “I have dreamed about it,” he says.
It has been a week of remembering and reunions for Ted.
The release of director Christopher Nolan’s movie about the Second World War evacuation has brought back memories of the chaos and fear on the French shores Ted escaped as a 20-year-old sergeant .
The film’s premiere led to him meeting other veterans of the 1940 evacuation. Then there is the get-together with a diff­­erent sort of veteran… the Riis 1, or White Heather as she was called then.
She is one …