Bittersweet video images of Syrian women removing their burqas and burning them after being liberated from Isis in Raqqa have been released by Kurdish forces.
The short film shows tearful wives, mothers and daughters removing religious garments and setting fire to them in a displaced persons camp north of the city, where Isis is under severe pressure.
The woman were joyous to finally be free from the tyranny of the so-called caliphate, which is hanging on in Raqqa – it’s last major stronghold.
“Give me a lighter, I’m going to burn this,” said one of them, removing her burqa. “May these clothes they forced us to wear be damned.”
With a group of fellow escapees, she set her black robe alight while children watched and clapped.
But the scenes were not only celebratory. Many of the women had heartbreaking stories to tell about loved one’s lost under the terrible grip of the blood thirsty army …