Saturday, July 22, 2017 — 
A family in Belmont County is the saving grace to horses in need, but they say that these horses have become their saving grace as well. Kimberly Mason found her love for horses when her daughter Eliana was two years old. Riding horses became therapeutic for her daughter as she got older and went through what her mother calls some traumatic situations.
“It was either continuing through therapy or building the barn and bringing the horse home. And that saved her and that saved us,” Kimberly said.
That horse which helped saved Eli was Annabelle.
“Anne, since I met Anne and I got on her, it just felt like she loved me and I loved her,” Eli said.
She says she knows no matter what happens, if she’s riding Anne, she will feel safe.
“When I am riding Anne, I know that God is with me,” Eli said.
From there, …