A MELBOURNE train driver was hugged and comforted by her passengers after she tearfully told them she almost hit a pedestrian on Thursday morning.
Court Backman was driving a Frankston Line express when she narrowly avoided hitting a pedestrian who dashed through a level crossing about 8.15am.
The close brush with tragedy greatly affected Ms Backman who took to the train’s PA to tell passengers what had happened.
“I’ve been on since 2am, I get it,” she told them. “I want to get you guys to work. I want to go home myself,” reported  The Herald Sun.
She then went on to tell them how hurtful the abuse and anger from stressed out passengers was to train drivers.
“Nobody needs to tap their watches or clap their hands … you don’t know why the trains are running late.
“I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for the fact we are running so late.