TENSAS PARISH, La. (KNOE) Big Brown Cares with United Postal Services along with local organizations joined together to provide disaster relief to St. Joseph families affected by the ongoing water crisis. The company generously donated two semi-truck loads of bottled drinking water for relief efforts.
Some relief efforts could be coming to a much-awaited end. The fiscal administrator, David Greer, says people can expect clean water very soon.
“Hopefully we will be providing good clean water through the new lines by the end of the month of August,” Greer says.
The lines will still have to be tested by DHH to be sure the water is lead and copper free.
“The department of health and hospital will have to do more testing, both the town system once we have the new lines up and running. What happens from there is up to them,” Greer says.
In December of 2016, St. Joseph was declared …