They’re like breast-milk fairies: there one minute and gone the next, depositing virus- and bacteria-fighting liquid gold — all while their babies snooze in the backseat.
Thanks in part to a drive-through, drop-off system at Florida Hospital for Women in Orlando, contributions to the institution’s milk depot have more than doubled since last year, spokeswoman Claudia Arbona said.
Approved donors can pull up to the hospital’s entrance with their pre-pumped milk, and an employee will come out to collect the donation.
“It’s kind of like Christmas when you have that perfect present you want to give somebody,” said Laura Baran, a Florida Hospital nurse who has given more than 2,000 ounces of milk since October. “That’s how I feel when I give my milk to the bank.”
Milk depots and individuals send contributions to the Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida, which processes and distributes them across Florida and surrounding states. For premature and critically …