Menden (ots) – Around 16:20, the firefighters and rescue service, as well as fire center were alerted to a kitchen fire on the Siebengebirgsstraße.
About six minutes later on the way to the Siebengebirgsstraße a firefighting vehicle was called for a second fire in the Pater-Kolbe Street. Here, however, it was quickly clear that it was merely burning food in the stove. A squad under respiratory protection had to forcibly gain access to the apartment and then brought the charred food outside. The building was aired.
Nobody got hurt.
The also alarmed fire group Bösperde breaked off on alarm journey.
The kitchen fire on Siebengebirgsstraße – where fire and rescue guard as well as rest of the fire center – were in operation – was even more dramatic. On arrival, flames struck out the window clearly visible. Threatened to cover surrounding dwellings. Two squads were under heavy respiratory protection in the building.
Besides the extinguishing …