Immigration officials in the industrial city of Duisburg pulled Bivsi Rana out of the classroom in late May and deported her to Nepal with her parents on the same day.
The deportation of the German-born Nepalese girl and her parents cause outrage in the community, which lobbied the mayor and local government to take action.
After protests and bureaucratic wrangling, two months later Bivsi has received an “exchange student visa” that also enables her parents to return to Germany. It also allows Bivsi to apply for follow-up visas to pursue further studies.
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“This is a unique case that cannot be generalized,” said North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state Integration Minister Joachim Stamp. “The right of the child stood in the foreground in this decision. Bivsi was born in Germany and grew up here – she is de facto a German kid.”
Legal but unfair deportation
Bivsi’s parents came to Germany in …