CNN’s Jake Tapper and Fox’s Sean Hannity have been feuding recently. On his show Monday night, Hannity decided to rally Twitter to his side, urging people to “tell Fake News Jake Tapper exactly what you think” of him.
Many followed Hannity’s instructions, flooding Twitter with their opinion of the CNN anchor.
But instead of painting Tapper in a negative light, most showered him with praise, one calling Tapper “my Beyoncé,” another saying he is the “bomb dot com” who “actually knows the difference between fact and fantasy.”
Tapper, apparently enjoying the moment, retweeted dozens of messages lauding him, many of which also included digs at Hannity.
“Aww. @seanhannity wants us to tweet how we feel about @jaketapper. Gladly! Jake is one of my favorites! Love him and love CNN!” tweeted one user.
“Dear @seanhannity, @jaketapper has shown himself to be a true journalist and not a shrill for 45, unlike you. That’s what I think,” tweeted another.
“hey @seanhannity …