Joey Bozik, a triple amputee from Iraq, won his first competition jiu-jitsu match on Sunday in Round Rock.
Bozik, who trains in McKinney, competes with no legs and an amputated arm. His other arm has about 70 percent of its capability.
On Saturday, he finally won, forcing his opponent to tap out due to a key lock submission (controlling his opponent’s arm bent in an ‘L’ shape) and cranking it.
From his Instagram page:
“I came in both mentally and physically strong. I pushed the pace and left it all on the line. In the end I got the tap with literally half a second left on the clock. This single experience has been years in the making. One loss after another. One disappointment after another. Although showing up and competing is a victory in itself; showing everyone (including myself) that all the hours of sweat, blood, and yes sometimes tears have a purpose, …