When Paul Burnett first met Kamden Houshan in kindergarten, the two boys quickly became friends. They bonded over playing superheroes and creating goofy videos. While others often focus on Kamden’s wheelchair and disability, Paul never acted like Kamden was different. Kamden, 8, who lives in Poway, California, was born with a tumor on his T2 and T3 vertebras. The tumor was so large it engulfed his spinal cord. While he has had three surgeries to de-bulk the tumor, Kamden is paraplegic and relies on a wheelchair.
The wheelchair gives Kamden freedom, but it is heavy and bulky, which sometimes makes it hard for Kamden to push himself. And, it’s causing accidents. When the boys were visiting a farm on a playdate,
Paul looked on in horror as the wheelchair tipped forward and dumped out Kamden. Medical, the state’s Medicare, only pays for a wheelchair once every five years, and the Houshans couldn’t …