Breagh Harrie, coxswain for the Inshore Rescue Boat Service with the Canadian Coast Guard, says she and her team are responsible for saving people who find themselves in all sorts of emergencies, from capsized vessels to fires.
But her best rescue ever came Monday when her job went to the dogs.
Well, dog.
“This was honestly, in my five years, this was probably my favourite call,” Harrie said as she told CBC’s Maritime Noon about the rescue of a golden retriever. “Not because it involved a dog but because it was such a happy ending and we were able to reunite the dog with its owners.
“Being dog owners, it’s terrifying when your dog takes off. It’s a child to people that own them. And it’s a wonderful feeling when we can help people out that way.”
The rescue began after the dog took to the waters at Conrad’s Beach, at Lawrencetown on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.
After about 45 minutes, the animal was nowhere to be seen. 
That’s when Harrie and …