Muska braves sharp quills to raise the babies after their mother died when locals cut grass in Vladivostok.
The loving cat ignored the risk from their sharp quills and took care of the tiny hedgehogs after attempts failed to feed them from a syringe, a bottle or a saucer.
They had refused to swallow milk for two days, said Sadgorod Zoo director Alyona Asnovina.
Muska the ‘kind and tender’ cat recently adopted some orphan kittens after nurturing her own offspring.
She seemed unfazed at the sight of the eight hedgehogs which had refused food for two days after losing their mother. 
All orphan hedgehogs survived thanks to a caring cat. Pictures: Vladivostok Zoo
Muska took care of the babies at night, and they eagerly fed on her milk.
All survived, and are now able to feed themselves, although she continues to care for them.
There has been an ‘invasion’ of hedgehogs in the Russian Far East this year, …