Today starts our “SAY SOMETHING SWELL-O-PHONIC” Campaign on Facebook and Instagram.
All you have to do is say something GENUINELY NICE about SOMEONE (by name) on your Facebook/Instagram.
Also avail on (screenshot your genuineintiness, or whatever and email [email protected] and we’ll send you the code super quick!)
Do as many positive posts about other peeps as you want and we’ll give you the same deal for each post.  Think about how nice you can be and how many deals you can get with just a couple of presses of a button!
We double-dog dare you to say something nice !
Let’s put those pissy little 2cent soap boxes away, quit your bitchin’ and feed those gripes to your dog.  Nobody ever got a trophy for being a butthole or for being insecure…but you could say that you got some love for being loving !
…nICE nICE BABY – stop, collaborate and listen (to yourselves!)
sharing is caring – …