For a boy and his best friend, it was a joyful reunion.
After national intrigue and diminishing hope, 4-year-old Luke Swofford of Rockwall was again clutching his teddy bear — named Teddy Bear — Wednesday morning. The pair were separated last week at Dallas Love Field after Luke returned with his grandparents from a trip to Colorado.  
In the end, it turned out Teddy hadn’t wandered far. Ian Fryers, a security compliance officer, found the worn stuffed bear in an airport break room after consulting surveillance footage.
To Luke and the rest of the Swofford family, Teddy Bear’s disappearance hit hard.
“We know it’s just a silly bear, but to us he’s more than that,” Luke’s mother, Nikki Swofford, said tearfully on Wednesday. “He’s a member of our family.”
It was 8:45 p.m. Thursday, past their bedtime, when the duo were separated. Luke was on a bench with his grandparents outside baggage claim, waiting for their ride home. As they loaded …