A 14-year old boy rushed to rescue a cat hanging off the over-bridge on a highway. The tabby was so grateful to be saved that he clung to his rescuer and didn’t want to let go.
Meet Lucky the cat and Gavin his rescuer.
When Erin Brown was driving on a highway Sunday, February 12, taking her son, Gavin, to a birthday party, she gasped and couldn’t believe what she saw.
A cat was tossed out a window from a moving vehicle in front of them. As she came to a stop, her son, Gavin, bolted out of the car and signaled the incoming traffic to stop, so he could get to the cat and rescue him.
“In shock watching the cat slam the pavement and scurry all over the highway he ran to the overpass right by me and jumped on top of the overpass about to jump down,” Brown shares with …