Four-year-old Luke Swafford has been carting around his best friend, a teddy bear aptly named Teddy Bear, since he was one. The bear has been his faithful companion through thick and thin.
So naturally, the bear was in toe as Luke’s family was traveling home from a vacation in Colorado.
Teddy had been kept safe in a suitcase, but was taken out after the flight for a quick hug — and that’s when Luke lost track of Teddy.
Luke’s family thought Teddy must have been fallen off a bench as they were loading the car and was left behind. Once they had realized the bear was gone, they drove back that same night to try to find him, but to no avail.
“I was just heartbroken. I’m sobbing like a fool and so sad for Luke. I love Teddy Bear, too,” Luke’s mother, Nikki Swafford, told ABC News. “Anybody who’s had their kids’ favorite …