What started out as a couple of drawings and a pair of duct-tape soccer cleats turned into a custom-made uniform and shoes for a young Edmonton soccer fan, thanks to Adidas.
Nearly two years ago, Jasper Fleming and his friend Sam were bored, so they decided to design a soccer jersey.
The boys drew out the front and back of their jersey and shorts, complete with a soccer-ball logo, number and name. They even designed a pair of cleats, using nothing but duct tape and a black marker.
Taking it one step further, the boys decided to send their designs to Adidas. When the boys didn’t hear back from the company, they didn’t think much of it. After all, Jasper said he was only able to find a general address for the sports company.
Then, about six weeks ago, Jasper’s mother received a surprising phone call. A rep from Adidas was on the other …