Muhammad Asghar kneeled on the floor alongside a couple of dozen fellow Muslims last week silently praying. When he looked up and turned his head, he smiled at the Anglican priest kneeling behind him.
“To my amazement, he came and joined me in the prayer,” Asghar said.
A Christian clergyman kneeling inside a mosque would normally be an unusual occurrence, but in Leamington — the small farming community in southwestern Ontario — it’s become a common sight.
Asghar and many others regularly pray at St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church, where the Muslim community has set up a mosque, thanks to a deal worked out between the two religious communities.
The emerging relationship between the groups can set an example for the entire community, said Taha Halabi, who also regularly attends prayer.
“We tried to show the community in Leamington, and everywhere in Ontario, that Muslims and Christians are hand to hand,” he said.
The arrangement started in …