MCKINNEY, TEXAS – For one hour, five days a week, Joey Bozik teaches kids to defend themselves against whatever’s holding them down. It’s the lesson that defines his life.
“It’s my therapy,” he says, of Jiu Jitsu. “It really is.”
Bozik came to the sport by way of Iraq. He was serving with the Army in 2004 when a bomb struck his Humvee. It claimed both his legs, one arm, and what he thought was his life’s direction. He found his new one, years later after bringing his daughter to a martial arts class.
“It started off as just something to do physically, to keep myself active, something to do with my kids,” Bowsik said. “But in the end, it became a personal focus as well, getting better both physically and mentally.”
He started training at Tier 1 Training Facility in McKinney, then teaching there. He went on to launch the We Defy Foundation to introduce more veterans to jiu jitsu. He began to fight …