A very loyal Whataburger customer got an orange and white surprise for his 80th birthday from his favorite fast food restaurant.
Ed Johnson’s wife passed away in April 2016 after being married for 59 years. With her gone, he felt lonely and Whataburger was something that made him feel better. He called it his home.
“In times where it gets hard, I just want a coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit,” Johnson said.
Johnson became a familiar face at one of the Whataburgers in town after eating breakfast there every morning.
“The employees started getting his order ready when they saw him pull up,” Johnson’s granddaughter, Emma Carr said.
Carr said her grandpa has been a huge role model for her and her brother.
“In my mind, he’s the definition of love and kindness. I’ve watched him treat everyone he’s come in contact with, with respect and humility,” Carr said.
A week before Johnson’s birthday, …