The family of New Brighton ‘legend’ Pat Brown have revealed she has left her entire estate, including her HOUSE to charity.
Pat Brown died aged 72, on Friday July 21, after a short illness.
Tributes poured in on Facebook after the news of her death, with many recalling many fond memories of her – especially her love for animals.
And now, in what her cousin Michael Riley has called “typical Pat fashion” he has revealed her bequest for her estate to be split between four charities.
He said: “She always wanted what would overall benefit New Brighton for the greater good.
“The house has been in the family for three generations but she wanted it left to charity.
“I knew of her plans as we had discussed it but I just thought it would probably be something other people should know too.
“It is typical Pat.”
The charities included in Pat’s Will are the RNLI New …