Almost two months after her deportation to Nepal, 15-year-old Bivsi Rana has been granted a student exchange visa to return to Germany along with her family.
Rana’s deportation in late May outraged her local community in Duisburg, with classmates taking part in street demonstrations demanding her return.
“It is a huge weight off my mind to know that we have succeeded in solving this incredibly difficult situation,” said Sören Link, mayor of Duisburg, on Tuesday.
Once Rana’s student exchange visa has expired, she will have the chance to apply for a study visa.
Authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia emphasized that the decision had no relevance for other cases of deported asylum seekers.
“This was a one-off case, that can’t be seen as setting a precedent,” said integration minister Joachim Stamp, Spiegel reports. “The rights of the child played an enormous part in the decision. Bivsi was born and raised in …