BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A two-year-old Buffalo girl is now the inspiration behind a movement to help kids with disabilities. “Bella’s Bumbas” is a company started by Isabella Shorr’s family.
Isabella was born with a condition that made it hard for her to get around. That is until her family built her a moving chair. Now she’s up and running!
“It took us by surprise we had no idea what spina bifida was,” Jeffrey Shorr said.
Isabella Shorr was born with her spine on the outside of her body. Now, she’s paralyzed from the knees down.
He said, “She wasn’t able to basically move around so she was kind of stuck in whatever position we put her in. If she wanted to interact with her brothers and sister it was basically sitting in one spot.”
But, her family wanted her to be independent. So they built her a special wheelchair made out of a “bumbo” …