A 10-year-old boy has been praised by the Natural History Museum after he noticed that one of the dinosaurs was labelled incorrectly.
“We were walking around looking for dinosaur clues,” Charlie Edwards told the BBC. “So I read this one sign that had an egg but then it showed the full dinosaur side-by-side comparison to a human and I saw that the shape of it was wrong.” 
The Essex based youngster added: “It was claimed to be an Oviraptor but it looked like an early dinosaur from the Triceratops family.”
Charlie’s mother, Jade Edwards said she didn’t believe her son at first.
“He told us: ‘No, give me your phone and I’ll show you.’ He Googled it and I could see quite clearly it was a different shaped dinosaur. It turned out Charlie was right.”
She added that her son had been a big fan of palaeontology from a young age.
“He started reading encyclopaedias when he was …