Days before Allyson Eischens was set to marry the love of her life, there was a burning question left unanswered — who would walk her down the aisle in lieu of her late father?
Little did she know, her fiancé, Garrett Eischens, already had the perfect man for the role: Chris Roose, her father’s best friend.
The moment Roose surprises the bride-to-be just days before the wedding is captured in a video posted to Garrett’s Facebook page. The footage shows Allyson waiting in a hotel room with her eyes closed, when a man’s voice is heard in the background: “Hey, I heard somebody needs to be given away!”
Allyson gasps when she recognizes that it’s Roose, who embraces his best friend’s daughter before assuring her that he wouldn’t miss the wedding for the world.
Roose and Allyson’s father, Jerry Berdan, met in Greenfield, Minnesota, when Allyson was a child. “We moved in, and we became neighbors, and then we …