Robbie, a 9-year-old boy with autism from upstate New York, loves rainbows — and when his parents died weeks apart — his aunt, now his legal guardian, asked the world for help making him smile.
The world responded. 
Crystal Skawinski has been Robbie’s legal guardian since May 25, a day after his father died of an overdose and 23 days after his mother lost a long battle with a gasteoparisis and cystic fibrosis. Skawinski says Robbie has been told his parents went over the rainbow bridge — and he looks for them eagerly. So on July 24, Skawinski put a post on Facebook soliciting rainbow photos from around the world. 
As of Friday, she had gotten nearly 6,000. And Skawinski says she has been floored by the touching responses. 
“I’m speechless. This doesn’t happen to regular people,” she wrote on Facebook early Sunday. “Thanks big sis for making your son a part of the world …