HOUSTON – It’s begins with a pure intention.
“I want to just be able to put Christ on display,” said Torrance Wilson, a former inmate & member of C.H.A.R.M. Prison Ministry. 
Add a little soap, water and some elbow grease, then you’re left behind with a clean heart.
“We’ve always made things dirty in life whether with family, with relationships, because we were outside of Christ, as a sign of being clean and washed and made new,” said Tommie Anderson, a former inmate & member of C.H.A.R.M. Prison Ministry. “That’s what we’re doing on display today is actually cleaning up what’s dirty.”
Each of them spent several years behind bars and now choose to live life on the outside, embracing the law instead of evading it.
“I knew it wasn’t their fault.They had a job to do. They had a family like I had and so the Lord just really softened my heart towards law …