She looked at her phone. Looked at me. Looked at her phone and then looked up again. “This girl looks exact like you,” she said.
I was cooking dinner in a hostel kitchen in San Vito lo Capo, on the Italian island of Sicily, when an Argentinian girl I’d met just the day before showed me the post. The headline on Bored Panda, a sort of BuzzFeed for artists, said this: “We Found a GoPro Camera on Etna and We Need the Internet to Help Us Find the Owners. Here Are the Last Pics.”
Scrolling through the post, I instantly recognized my travel photos. “That doesn’t just look like me,” I said. “That is me!”
When I lost my GoPro climbing Mount Etna on Sicily a month ago, I thought I’d never see it again. I could have sworn I put it back in my bag after snapping some photos near the summit …