Julie and Will Rom of Cincinnati, Ohio, have been fostering children for nearly 10 years.
Julie Rom said she and her husband were never able to conceive a child of their own, so they decided to help children who were in need of care.
“We [said], ‘It’s not meant for us to be parents right now. Let’s foster and be the bridge for these kids while the parents get themselves together and eventually get themselves through reunifactions,'” Julie Rom said.
But late last month, the couple finally got a family of their own, adopting five siblings — William (Will), 12, Truth, 9, Marianna, 6, Keyora, 3, and KJ, 2 — who had been placed with them over the past three years.
“It was awesome, we actually had a very large adoption party on Saturday night,” Julie Rom, 33, told ABC News. “To me, they’ve been …