One Oklahoma foster mother was reduced to tears after a young cashier, who said he was led by God, offered her a random act of kindness during a very dark moment.
According to KFOR-TV, 20-year-old Nick Tate works as a cashier at a Walmart in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Tate describes himself as a “people person” who loves “getting to talk to people, and hear about their day and just see how they’re doing.”
One Friday night, Tate was working the register, when a foster mother with two little girls and a baby began loading groceries onto his station. According to Tate, the two little girls were “just going crazy,” prompting Tate to ask the mother if it was “one of those days.”
The mother was a new WIC recipient, a federal assistance program for low-income families with children, Tate told KFOR.
“She apologized beforehand. She said ‘I have never used WIC before. I don’t know how it’s going to go,’” …