MSF secured Pentagon assurances that medics would not be targeted, but the military has either botched air raids or disregarded Afghan lives with reckless drone strikes, reports Mohammed Harun Arsalai.
Nearly two years after a series of US airstrikes destroyed their hospital in Kunduz, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has reopened a small clinic to treat minor trauma injuries and ailments.
While it comes as welcome news for Kunduz’s overwhelmed medical authorities, it is nothing close to the capacity that MSF once offered in the region.
The US’ self-investigation into the October 2015 bombing of MSF’s Kunduz facility determined “human error” and communication failures were the reason for the attack.
Some 42 people were killed in the strikes, including 14 members of MSF’s medical staff. Human rights groups at the time – including the United Nations human rights chief and MSF – called the bombing of the hospital a “war crime”.
In the days following the attack, Christopher Stokes, …