Mohamamad “Kareem” Bah just turned 13. But that wasn’t even close to the most exciting part of the seventh grader’s past week.
Most memorable was how his family’s stalled effort to raise enough money to send him on a class trip to Europe became an example of social media being used for goodness and kindness. It’s especially touching because it seemed like the trip would never happen.
Some three months ago, his mother Tonya Crawford-Bah started posting, and handing out fliers, in their immediate Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood and beyond. 
Those flyers told a story: After getting just one question wrong on the National Latin Exam that students take annually, and thus beating out even the honors students in his school, the seventh grader at Boys Latin of Philadelphia Charter School scored an invite to travel to Rome, Greece and the Vatican with classmates and faculty.
“Kareem’s high academic performance and eagerness to …