Talk about giving new meaning to the phrase “big hair, don’t care.” A seven-year-old girl in Melbourne, Australia, has taken to Instagram to celebrate her ample and uncontrollable mane of blonde locks.
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Shilah Calvert-Yin was diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome (UHS) nine months ago, and although she is often compared to wild-maned scientists like Albert Einstein and Doc Brown from Back to the Future, the spunky schoolgirl says she loves how her hair distinguishes her from other kids.
Shilah’s mother Celeste says her daughter first displayed signs of the disorder when her hair started to come in at three months, but she wasn’t diagnosed until recently. And while she will now tell people about her daughter’s condition, many think it’s a joke.
“Adults can be just as juvenile and say some of the most random things, or take photos of her and even touch her hair,” she …