When a 14-year-old terrier named Rascal was dropped off at the Nanaimo SPCA on Vancouver Island last week, it appeared as though the little dog was covered in dirt.
But when veterinarians took a closer look at the small dog, they realized that the “dirt” was actually masses of tiny fleas.
“The most fleas I’ve seen and I’ve been in practice for almost 40 years,” Ken Langelier, a veterinarian at the Island Veterinarian Hospital told CTV Vancouver Island on Tuesday.
With more than 100,000 fleas feasting on its blood, Rascal arrived at the Island Veterinarian Hospital in critical distress.
The terrier had already lost more than 85 per cent of its red blood cells and was on the verge of death.
The clinic’s staff said they were shocked when they rinsed Rascal and witnessed copper-coloured water dripping from the dog’s fur.
“When the fleas drink the blood and they …