Canada is fielding one of their most talented teams at the world mountain running championships in Premana, Italy on Sunday. 
But the team’s trip across the pond didn’t come without its share of bumps and bruises.
The airline lost the Canadian squad’s kits, leaving them without proper attire for the race and their baggage still hasn’t been recovered.
Barring something miraculous, Team Canada wouldn’t have had any kits for the race and technically wouldn’t be able to compete. Organizers of the event were still willing to allow the Canadians to compete if they wore matching shirts.
However, they only had women’s singlets and a few cotton T-shirts, meaning the men would have no choice but to re-wear the women’s singlets or settle for the cotton T-shirts.
Neither option was ideal, as the women’s singlets wouldn’t have fit the men, while the cotton T-shirts would have become very sweaty, which would weigh the athletes down.
Enter Marie Grenon, a supporter flying to Italy from Calgary for the championships.
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