Three years after the Ice Bucket Challenge and an ALS diagnosis, this marathoner is still competing
By Anna Katherine Clemmons | Jul 24, 2017
On a mid-July morning in Charlottesville, Virginia, with the sun rising slowly over the foothills, Andrea Peet, 36, pedaled her recumbent trike to the gravel-path start line of a 10K. As the race director yelled, “Here we go!” Peet, the only participant on wheels, began pedaling.
Her neon athletic pants, adorned with black sparrows, matched her electric yellow ‘Team Drea’ T-shirt as she sped downhill at an 8:30-per-mile pace. She gripped the trike handles to steer, maneuvering steadily on sections of flat terrain. The hills were Peet’s biggest challenge: As she willed her leg muscles to work, she needed a push.
Peet smiled and talked with a fellow participant as she rode the course.
“That is awesome — you go, girl!” an elderly walker yelled as Peet rode by. She …