Call it the kindness of strangers, a simple gift. Or call it what you will. We know it when we see it and this vignette from DeKalb, Ind., is the real thing. The deed surely will not be forgotten by 11-year-old Phil Mick.
At Christmastime last year, Phil and his mother, Tammy Mick, attended an event held by a motorcycle shop in DeKalb for families who couldn’t afford a holiday celebration. There they met Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service.
Phil’s mother confided to Warfield that her son had been getting physically bullied for the past two years. Mick told The Washington Post she suspected it after he came home with bruises. Kids at his school would hit, punch and call Phil names, she said. The 11-year-old told WTSP he was being bullied for being overweight.
The boy’s plight struck a chord with Warfield. “I was bullied when I was younger,” he told …