Granny never turned away a stray. She lived on a farm in Richmond next-door to her daughter’s family, and between the two, any injured or lost animal that came their way was never homeless.
Bobbie Jean Jones, who insisted on being called Granny, helped injured wild animals recover before releasing them; she took in abandoned cats, dogs and chickens — even horses that would have otherwise been sent to a meat factory.
Her home is on a dead-end street, which her daughter, Karen Southworth, said makes the property a common “dumping ground” for unwanted animals.
One day a few years ago, a neighbor watched someone throw a young dog out the back of a pickup truck. Granny could tell he was injured with scrapes and road rash, but when she tried to help, he wouldn’t let her near.
“He sat there at the door and growled,” Southworth said. “She just said they were going …